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Learn. Prepare. Perform.

Work with me in-person or online

I teach standard conservatory-style vocal technique using vocal exercises and method materials. Song material may include classical, musical theatre, standards/ballads and some other genres.

Singers from this studio tend to be high-achievers who are accepted into quality conservatory and college programs, are cast in lead and supporting roles in school and community theatre musicals, and who perform as guest soloists for special events. 

Singers learn more than how to sing and what to sing. You gain valuable audition, acting and presentation insights.


What You Get


Quality, individualized voice training


A knowledgeable, dedicated teacher with 40+ years of professional teaching and performing experience who genuinely cares about your progress and your goals

Lessons in technique consistent with the performance of any genre of vocal music

Music reading training (sight reading or sight singing), music theory, and more for those who are interested (highly recommended)

Pre-recorded vocal exercise tracks and corresponding exercise sheets

Conscientious support for your development and growth as a musical artist

Why Foundation Technique is Essential

It isn’t what you sing.

It’s how you approach your singing.

A solid foundation gives you freedom and flexibility and the security of knowing that you can rely on your voice. You will find your own unique voice.

If you have any of the following vocal issues it is particularly important for you to establish a healthy and more reliable technique.

If you have any of these vocal issues, you need to establish a better technique.


Limited range

Vastly different qualities in the low, middle, and high notes

“Swiss Cheese” voice – notes missing, leaving holes in the middle of your range

Breaks in your voice

Too soft

Only able to sing loudly/shout in parts of your range

A sore throat after you sing a short time

You lose your voice after you sing a short time

You are physically exhausted after singing a short time

No projection

No resonance

No vibrato

No connection between tone, breath, and support

Facial pain or other muscular tension in your body

People can’t understand the words you’re singing

You mimic other singers but have no genuine voice of your own

Patricia Shanks Singing (video may be slow to load)

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