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This studio accepts only those students with an exclusive interest in classical singing, who are age 15 and above, and who have some basic musical backgroundAn application is required. 

In order to achieve the highest standards in classical singing, intense interest and focus is required, as well as daily practice, study, listening, reading, introspection, and so much more. The more application there is on the part of the student, the better the results.


A teacher is merely a guide. The learning is the responsibility of the student. Discoveries, musical growth, and improvement are the rewards of hard work. 

This studio supports and guides involved students in their studies. This is not an agency, an audition resource, or a studio that teaches other styles of singing. 

Lessons require an investment of time and money. While studio rates are reasonable, if your primary requirement of lessons is that they be affordable, it is highly likely we are not a good match. Students can expect to purchase materials such as sheet music, books, and backing tracks. 

The goal is not to frighten singers from working here. The goal is to challenge singers to consider how deep their interest is in learning classical vocal technique and repertoire. Novice singers who have little experience with conservatory-style voice training can be surprised when they see how long the path is to where they hope to go. Singers who are looking for a fun activity and song singing can be overwhelmed when they find themselves suddenly working with a teacher who gives them detailed, precision instruction. 

A real student of classical singing realizes there is no end to the process of learning and growing as an artist. There is no "there" there. There is no end. This makes sense to the singer when she achieves a certain level of expertise. And the first lessons are not the easiest, contrary to popular thought.

We need to do what we are driven to do - whether for vocation or avocation. If you are drawn to classical singing, and you are willing to apply yourself, you may achieve your goals. There are never any promises. The work is the thing that satisfies.

This studio employs traditional methods derived from the Bel Canto school of singing.


 (949) 723-4473
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