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I teach students who have an interest in traditional voice or piano lessons, who are age 9 and above, and who have some basic musical background or who are willing to explore musicianship skills. 

In order to achieve the highest standards in singing and a reasonable level of competency in singing or in piano, daily practice, study, listening, reading, and so much more are required. The more application there is on the part of the student, the better the results.


A teacher is merely a guide. The learning is the responsibility of the student. Discoveries, musical growth, and improvement are the rewards of hard work. 

This studio supports and guides involved students in their studies. This is not an agency, an audition resource, or a studio that coaches contemporary pop and rock styles of singing. Lessons follow a systematic, graded plan that establishes a solid skills foundation.

Lessons require an investment of time and money. While studio rates are reasonable, students can expect to purchase materials such as sheet music, books, and backing tracks. 

The goal is not to frighten students from working here. The goal is to challenge students to consider how deep their interest is in establishing a solid musical foundation.

Voice and Piano Lessons for Children and Teens

Lessons for ages 9 - 12 are geared toward serious learning in a light and fun environment. 

All voice and piano students can expect lessons in sight reading, theory, and graded repertoire that includes many styles. 

The most dedicated school-age students may request participation in the Royal Conservatory of Music evaluations. This is a graded program that uses specific materials and is structured to confirm progress. Participants need to be certain there is time in their schedules to allow for the training, practice, and study.

Voice Lessons for Adults

This studio offers conservatory-style instruction. These are not song-singing lessons. Students can expect to learn and perfect technique via vocal exercises with a purpose and accompanying method materials. Lessons include theory, sight-reading, and the study of appropriate repertoire. 

In Closing

There is no end to the process of learning and growing as an artist. There is no "there" there. This makes sense to the student when he or she achieves a certain level of expertise. And the first lessons are not the easiest, contrary to popular thought.

We need to do what we are driven to do - whether for vocation or avocation. If you are drawn to singing, or playing the piano, and you are willing to apply yourself, you may achieve your goals.


There are never any promises. The work is the thing that satisfies.

Studio Policy                   (PDF download click here)

Patricia Shanks Voice Studio Lesson Policy and Procedures                                                        Effective 8/20/2020

This policy may be changed or amended at any time.                                             


Lessons are offered ONLINE ONLY every week throughout the year. There are no lessons on major holidays. Lessons are offered during the two weeks encompassing Christmas and the New Year for those who wish to take a lesson.


All lessons are offered via Zoom online. Please see the blog entry concerning setting up online lessons at studioshanks.com. Make certain you have an updated Zoom application and a minimally operational setup prior to applying to enroll.


Application and Enrollment:  A student must be approved prior to booking a lesson. Lessons booked without prior approval will be disapproved. A pre-enrollment Google form is available at studioshanks.com.


Booking Lessons:  Students may book lessons one at a time, as frequently or infrequently as you wish. Preference and specific day and time openings are offered to weekly students. Students who wish to secure a day and time should book and pay in advance via the booking link at studioshanks.com.


Payment, Refunds, Make-ups:  Lessons are paid as they are booked. Payment is made through the booking and payment link at studioshanks.com. If you are uncertain that you can take a lesson, do not book the time. There are no refunds. An occasional make-up may be scheduled if you cannot make it to a scheduled lesson and if you provide 48 hours’ notice. No exceptions. Make-ups are offered at the instructor’s sole discretion. You are not guaranteed a make-up lesson.


Books, Accompaniment Tracks, Materials:  You are responsible for obtaining or purchasing assigned materials. The instructor may occasionally provide you with materials. Please be certain to budget $30 to $75 over a period of several weeks for materials. If the instructor does not have the sheet music for a song you select, you must provide a PDF of the music for the instructor’s use.


Withdrawals:  If you wish to discontinue lessons or take a lengthy break from lessons, you are encouraged to notify the instructor so that she knows not to prepare for continued lessons. This is a courtesy to your instructor.


Instructor’s Right to Discontinue Lessons:  The instructor may discontinue your lessons for any reason at any time. Some of the reasons may include noisy environment, pets or people disturbing and interfering with the lesson, inadequate video or audio that has not been corrected, lack of preparation, no materials, no practice, little student involvement, poor or combative attitude, lack of respect for instructor’s assignments or materials.


Elementary School Age Students Requirement:  Students grade 6 and younger must have a parent or supervising adult in the vicinity of the lesson space during the lesson.


Instructor-Missed Lessons / Technology Issues:  If the instructor is out or if there is a power outage the instructor will arrange a make-up within 1 week of the missed lesson. Do not book this make-up through the online booking link. If the instructor is out for extended illness/emergency, special arrangement will be made to refund fees for missed lessons.


Photo/Video/Audio Release:  Taking a lesson with Patricia Shanks grants her permission to use video, stills from video, and audio of students for Studio promotion in brochures, on websites, flyers, advertisements, social media, and other promotional materials. Permission is also granted for Patricia Shanks to copyright such media in her name. Names will only be mentioned with student or parent permission (under 18).

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