First set the foundation. Just as the professional ice skater traces compulsory figures, or the pro golfer or ballplayer practices swings and pitches apart from the match or the game, the intelligent singer regularly practices a routine of vocal exercises that support the finished performance. A singer needs to know which exercises are beneficial, why they are beneficial, and how to properly execute them. Exercises are the elements that make up songs. This studio employs traditional and contemporary training models to accommodate singers of all styles of music.


This studio prepares singers for middle school, high school and college auditions. Current and former students have been accepted into programs at Juilliard, NYU, Orange County School of the Arts, South Orange County School of the Arts, Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts, and numerous other prestigious institutions. A MINIMUM of 4 months training is recommended, in order to fully prepare materials, technique and other aspects of auditioning and performing.

Workshops, recording sessions, performances based on student demand and participation. Other opportunities.

 (949) 723-4473
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