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From the First Note to the Final Bow

When high standards in training meet with a dedicated student, fine music-making is the result. It takes time and effort to reach the pinnacle of artistic performance. When a musician reaches that place they realize that the praise and the applause, though they may be rewarding, aren't everything. Making music is everything. Expressing yourself through your art is everything. Immersing yourself in the act of making music is everything. 

Please read my blog entry "No Fear Here" and read my over 50 reviews on this site.

I enjoy working with singers of all ages (10+ years of age and older) and all experience levels.

I have enjoyed a more or less collegial student/teacher experience working with pro singer/songwriter Zander Esterley. Comparing notes on technique and performance is one of my favorite things. Visit his website,

Student Julia Pacific in a holiday performance

Student Julia Urone rehearsing for a holiday performance



Flexible scheduling and pay-per-lesson. You may schedule as often as you like, depending upon availability.

Payment via Venmo or Zelle when lesson is scheduled confirms the booking.

It is up to you, the student, to make sure the next lesson is booked and confirmed. This is not my responsibility. No specific or regular lesson day/time is yours without first being booked and confirmed with your payment. Do not expect me to call to ask when you will have your next lesson. No booking = I will not expect to see you and the time may be taken by another student.

Enter your booking in your personal calendar immediately upon booking the lesson.

Last minute cancellations for extreme emergency only. 

Frequent cancellations are not acceptable.

If you must cancel, text and leave a voice message. Both. (949) 723-4473

You supply your own sheet music, books, and required materials. I will tell you what to purchase and where to purchase it.

FREE no obligation interview/evaluation on Zoom. An up to 20-minute opportunity to meet with me on Zoom, to ask questions, to tell me about yourself and your singing, and a chance for you to sing something for my comments. Requirements: A reliable Internet connection and the Zoom app on your device. (The app, not the browser) Sound capability that does not cut out at certain pitch levels. Best to pre-test this with a friend ahead of time. Additional mic and equipment as interface may help, but are not necessarily needed. Know how to select various sound settings in Zoom. Prepare to sing a cappella or with an accompaniment track on your end (played and amplified on a separate device). 

A Personal Note 


Integrity. That's the key word. I teach others the way I would want to be taught, never forgetting the uniqueness of the individual and always striving to offer the highest caliber instruction. Very often students come to me with a hazy idea of what quality lessons involve and what it means to work humbly and submit to the training. In a warm, friendly environment we work through the process together, guiding each other every step of the way.


I always look forward to welcoming any new student who has a strong desire to learn and to grow as an artist.

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